Monday, July 5, 2010

My first post

Hello there,
I'm not sure where to start so I'm going to just wing it.
In real life (not computer life), I'm fairly low key and a jeans and a t shirt kind of girl. Secretly though I LOVE fashion. I gaze at fashion magazines like Nylon, V and sometimes Vogue wondering how there are such geniuses out there ma
king these clothes. I'm not someone who is able to pull these looks off though, when it comes to dressing myself I can only pick out the jewelry to go with the outfit.
To give you a taste of my favorites, here you go:
John Galliano (Spring 2010)

Marc Jacobs (Spring 2010)

Louis Vuitton (Spring 2010)
I know a lot of people hate Louis Vuitton because of there infamous bags. However, when you see their clothes you realize how amazing they are! It doesn't hurt that Marc Jacobs is the Creative Director.
all images from
I will definitely post later. But for now it's off to sleep, it's almost 2 AM.